Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/1006/Press Review]

December 11 2006

5 Dec. 2006
Main headlines

– $ 8.24 billion waiting for the corruption of 2007

– In a violation of the law, the president appoints secretary-general for Amran local council

– The NIO secretary-general congratulates President Chavez on his winning in the elections

– In solidarity with the NUO Abubakr al-Saqqf; The NUO a target of oppression by the authority

– Traffic accidents cause the death of 58 and injury of 321 in one week

– The NUO secretary-general tales part in humanity security forum in Japan

– Sheikh al-Dhari delivers a lecture in Sana'a for a united Iraq

– Money squandering by waters establishment in Hudeidah

– WB wars against fearful recession in the citizen income: Yemen the second worst country in the world regarding food

– Journalists solidarity with Yemen Observer, Al-Hurriyah newspapers after closure of Al-Rai Al-A'am newspaper

Writer Ahmed Saed says in his article by the end of each year the government markets to the parliament a draft budget of the state to be discussed and approve. Mostly the government does not come up any thing new achieving economic growth rates and the government financial statement is almost similar to those of previous years.

This year the draft budget for 2007 under discussion by the parliament put forward the question of raising the price of oil barrel to $55 instead of $40 which was in the previous year with the continuation of neglecting the issues related to the citizen's life and without offering radical solutions and treatments the problems of electricity cuts, providing waters and ending poverty and unemployment and corruption.

The budget draft has not lived up to the ruling party and the government talks about the economic reform during the elections and the achievement of prosperity for the people. The contrary is true.

The government has moved contrary to the promises which president Ali Abdullah Saleh unleashed during the election campaign especially his promise of ending the poverty and unemployment let alone the railroad project and nuclear-powered electricity. The government also did not pay attention to the international classification of our country as the second poorest in the Middle East and North Africa due to the retreat in the individual income.

Among the issues the financial statement tried to overlook is that of unemployment that has reached to more than 40% while the World Bank expected in a recent report to increase as a result of the big increase of the population.