Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/1008/Press Review]

December 18 2006

12 Dec. 2006
Main headline

– For the achievement of political reforms, enhancement of democracy and participation of the woman, The political parties sign democracy agreement under European sponsor

– Arrest of one of the wanted and injury of two soldiers, Armed confrontations between security forces and elements from al-Qaeda

– Libyan mediation releases 571 of Al-Houthi followers

– The Syrian president to visit Yemen

– Six killed and tens of wounded in a tribal fighting in Amran

– National and regional activities on the world day on fighting corruption, al-Wajieh: distance of fighting corruption is still long

– Islah Shoura holds the government responsible for tampering with public property

– Acceptance in principle of the Sudanese initiative among Lebanese factions

Writer Ahmed Saeed says in his article the attack by the authority against individuals in the political patties and organizations and in the society in the hands of its oppressive tools are signs heralding real ignorance and tampering with running the country.

Some of those in power may think that by violating the law and using the position of service or security in committing acts against the citizens can strengthen the power and damnation of the ruling party. These are matters that have gone too far and their subject is pursuing the political activist in the opposition, to hide criminals of repelling and marginalizing others, scandals of violating human rights and carrying out large-scale campaign against the freedom of expression designed by men in the ruling party by violation of the law and constitution.

It seems that in the horizon of the ruling party there is nor space for the political and democratic changes that took place in the country since the establishment of the unity until the latest presidential and local elections because the totalitarian thinking is still dominating the ruling political mentality.

It cannot be tolerable that the government is incapable of arresting the murderer of democracy martyr Khalid Shamsan and it is unbearable situation of pursuing and kidnapping activists from the Joint Meeting Parities from inside Sana'a University campus.

It is also very difficult for any citizen not see members of the criminal investigation who have taken forced confessions from Basma Mohammed Salem al-Saghir under torture and coercion of killing her parents on 16 December 2004, not to be sent to an investigation committee and their standing trial especially after the Judge Abdullah Fazza'a al-Hassani issued a verdict of her Acquittal last week from the charges of killing her parents and using drugs and the annulment of her previous confessions as they were taken by force.

There are many aspects of failure in performance of the General People's Congress government and the situation is in need of strong criticism if the practices violating the law and there is necessity for the expanding of investigative and judicial sides for disclosing those who perpetrate human rights violations.