Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/1010/Press Review]

December 25 2006

19 Dec. 2006
Main headlines

– NUO general secretariat: The government's policy of impoverishing threatens the social security

– JMP parliamentary blocs announce their rejection of the budget of 207

– Boat capsizing kills ten soldiers in the Red Sea

– Physicians stage sit-in in front of government building and governorates' headquarters

– Yemen receives six of its detainees in Guantanamo

Writer Ahmed Saeed says the country pays a high price of pains and human losses as a result of negligence on the roads linking the governorates and those roads changed from life artery to title of death torrents.

None in our country can deny the state of lack in protection systems in the in the express roads in addition of disobedience of traffic and driving rules. Yemen is the first country in the world with regard to number of traffic accidents where there are increasing daily victims this squander in human lives and material losses is the responsibility of all in the society and the question needs holding a national conference where technicians in road engineering have to take part in it and to study suitable solutions such as limiting randomness in granting driving licenses to children, as well as adoption of big budgets for expanding roads and building fences in unsafe places..