Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/908/Press Review]

January 2 2006

27 Dec.2005
Main headlines

– Seven prisoners killed in Saada central prison

– World Bank: Situation in Yemen would not improve

– Yemen refuses receiving a Saudi airplane in Aden

– Yemeni journalists reject government-coined draft press law

– South-West Court of Sana'a rules in favor of Al-Wahdawi newspaper

– Budget of 2006: Squander of public property and enhancement of corruption phenomenon

Columnist Ahmed Saeed writes about the GCC summits and says there is no hope to be awaited in taking political stands serving the nation by the GCC. Since its establishment of this regional grouping in 198. It seems that the Saudi regime hegemony remained as it is in serving policies of the United States of America in the Arab region and this constitutes the reason behind its ineffectiveness. Concerning the goals upon which the grouping was founded 25 years ago, such as security and political cooperation and economic coordination, nothing it could achieve. There is no economic partnership or coordination and no security or political cooperation or coordination. Maybe the only thing this grouping has succeeded in is preoccupying its members in the sport side after the Desert Shield has disappeared. The six states composing the GCC are in possession of lakes of oil, minerals and energy exceeding what the world possesses but nonetheless they remained in a state of industrial and economic backwardness.

It appears the future role of this Gulf grouping is confined to as what the Qatari Dr Mohammed al-Musfir has said, ” The job of the GCC has now come to its end after the occupation of Iraq and it has now another task,” to perform.