Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/934/Press Review]

April 3 2006

28 Mar 2006
Main headlines

– Wangling millions of YR in Education

– Ruling party intends effecting amendments on constitution articles

– JMP denounces oppressive practices against teachers

– Tribes block highway linking Amran and Hajjah, Tribal dispute heralds bloody confrontations

– Four persons injured in quarrel between tax collectors and qat sellers

The newspaper's political editor discusses the Arab summits saying the Arab citizen no longer trusts or attach any importance to draft resolutions announced on the eve of holding the Arab summit in Khartoum on 28th March 2006. The reason is that the attitudes of those regimes while convened are an extension of their individual stances. Any political or media opinion describing the meting of the summit as under very delicate or very dangerous circumstances is rather impractical because the regimes themselves have, by their weakness and submission, made those circumstances. With their acts they have ruined the past and present of the Arab region and thus they are no longer capable of offering anything for the future or to realize any reform. After those regimes have surrendered Iraq and made a problem added to that of Palestine, we see them now just watching as spectators what is happening to Syria, Lebanon and Sudanese Darfur.