Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/936/Press Review]

April 10 2006

6 Apr 2006
Main headlines

– Financial manipulation at Sana'a and Thamar Universities

– The ruling party backs down from dialogue results

– JMP refuses the authority options between crisis and deals

– Government campaign to silence the journalists prior to the presidential elections

– A new board of directors for Parliamentarians Against Corruption Organization

The newspaper's political editor writes that trade unionist work is considered an expression for social segments and it regulates those social segments inside entities recognized by the society and state authorities. Upon that the trade unionist action plays a great and effective role in taking care and defending those social parts.

The syndical work maybe required more in least developed countries than the developed ones. The first are still passing through the stages of their growth, politically, legally and in ideological and cultural concepts.

The syndical work represents a strong and fertile space of competition. It is strong by the attack it comes under by the political forces that do not look at it from the angle of its ability of serving only the social segments it represents but rather because of its general national goal, i.e. the participation with a big role in achieving the comprehensive development and the speeding up of the civil society's growth and the greater resultant in civilization battle. The syndical work is fertile due to the law of competition that removes individuality of the syndical work and deepens the characteristic of partnership, which is an undeniable democratic basis.