Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/938/Press Review]

April 17 2006

11 Apr 2006
Main headlines

– Assistant Secretary-General of the Nasserite: The new constitutional amendments target what remains of the democratic margin

– The Nasserite condemns threatening the life of the YSP secretary-general

– Six persons died in a big fire in the capital

– Al-Jahashin sheikh arrests a political security officer, locks him in his private prison

– Sana'a university students put on the red badge in protest to police measures

Writer Ahmed Saeed says in an article that the dialogue between the ruling party and the opposition reaching a deadlock is surely a matter having its impact on the upcoming political stage.

It is not important who has withdrawn from the negotiating table. The important thing is there must not be abolishment of the language of understanding among the partners of the political action and a locking of a passage we have all to cross towards or national issues. The circumstances we are experiencing dictate on all to wait for solutions from the reasonable persons, accord from experiment and initiative from responsibility and recognition from the credibility.

The political system in the country is going through a losing battle between the side that offers the initiative and the one that refuses without alternatives leading to just solutions appreciated by all and agreed by all and thus keeps the country away from any crises. The dialogue is the only way for settling the problems and removing the blocks that impede all from reaching the upcoming presidential and local elections. It is not reasonable that the ruling party enters the elections in isolation of the opposition especially that would entails legitimacy of the coming head of the state. In such a case the coming regime will be short of legitimacy and there would consequently be an estrangement with the democratic equation: authority and opposition.