Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/948/Press Review]

May 22 2006

16 May 2006.
Main headlines

– Yemen is handed over the border crossing of Al-Tawal

– Saudi Arabia asks Yemen to hand over Al-Reemi, accused by Saudi Arabia of being behind Riyadh blasts

– Pressures for signing homage to the president of the republic

– UN team confirms commitment of violations in the elector register

– Elections Commission affirms continuation in violations

– Yassin Abdulrazzaq amendment did not grant judiciary any independence

– Participants in Al-Ahmar forum: Elector record is full of crimes

– Taiz JMP calls for opening corruption files and elimination of wars sequels

– Fierce confrontations between tribes and military forces in Shabwa

– Yemen deports 20 Egyptian fishermen and Riyadh deports 100 Yemeni prisoners

The newspaper political editor devotes his article to the situation in Iraq

Saying legitimacy of the Iraqi resistance is derived from the people of Iraq and the Arab nation and from all the free and honest of the world, who refuse the wars of aggression and occupation of other peoples by force.

If the authority of aggression and occupation view that resistance is no longer legitimate after fabrication of elections to create parliaments and governments serving the occupation, the resistance is surely the power of action and expression that would punish the aggression and expel occupation out of Iraq.

The astonishing thing is that the American ambassador, while deciding illegitimacy of the Iraqi resistance, calls on the Arab countries to open their embassies in Iraq as if Iraq is living a normal situation and not killed and destroyed because of their aggression and occupation of a part of the Arab nation.

The Iraqi resistance should not negotiate with the occupation unless that negotiation is on one issue of two themes; the first is the full and final withdrawal under a timetable and the second is paying reparations to Iraq for what the occupation has inflicted on it of killing, destruction, dismemberment and violation of freedom and sovereignty and international legitimacy.