Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/950/Press Review]

May 29 2006

23 May 2006
Main headlines

– The unity a national achievement, the regime proved its failure

– 224 thousand kg of cancer-causing poultry fodder sold in Yemen

– Elections commission acknowledges existence of 240 thousand children names repeated in elector register

– JMP: Judiciary amendments confirm despotism and hegemony

– Gunmen kill a citizen in front of his two children

– 180 prisoners in Jeddah alone, Arrests and unjust sentences against Yemenis in Saudi Arabia

– Official efforts to abort an investment conference

– Education unions: Government procrastinations force us to resume protests

The political editor of the newspaper writes saying dense the fog could be to conceal the sight against advancing on the right path, it would inevitably get dissipated and ended and the unitary march continues to bear for this homeland relief, release of freedoms and achievement of advancement. The unity is now a one of the great accomplishments of the national struggle that its history managed to connect two great accomplishments; the revolutionary one and the unitary.

The importance of this fact increases when we find it forms an axis of affiliation to two national examples: the first is that of the action that is embodied by the unity and the second is the example of the actor who is the generation that made the event. This fact acquires the character of uniqueness in the course of the national history.

Now we are before 16 years of since the unity of our Yemen homeland returned but we are stall talking about corruption although it is condemned by official departments. We are still talking about violations of the constitution and the laws despite the presence of popular monitoring represented by the parliament. We are still talking about violations in the political action despite the existence of judicial apparatuses. Wouldn't this painful reality arouse the question among the public on what makes the distinguished period that achieved the revolution and the unity incapable of reforming this reality.