Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/952/Press Review]

June 5 2006

30 May 2006
Main headlines

– Dubai agreement on operating the free zone in Aden abolished

– Three persons killed, soldier wounded in Rima and Nahm

– Unrestrained security in Hadramout governorate

– Security authorities launch large-scale arrest campaign, Child Utbah's dead body found in a cave

– 23 al-Qaeda affiliate suspects stand trial

– JMP: Elections Commission deals with political parties in compliance with partisan directives

– NDI: Much substitution in members of committees affected credibility of the process of voter register

Writer Ahmed Saeed says the next days with the approach of elections we will listen more and more about cases of relaxation and values of tolerance from president Ali Abdullah Saleh, some of which would led to closure of past files against political personalities and forces.

As citizens and members of political parties we have to praise that because it bears a great amount of courage as much as respect of national and human rights. Those would end what have remained of conflict spots and political trenching and draw the curtain on agonies and suffering of the past. It would open a new chapter for a new life looking forward to prosperity.

I presume that pardon is a right for every person as long as he did not perpetrate a crime against the homeland and his condemnation was under charges of certain political characteristic at a certain political stage governed by its causes and circumstances.

Then political system in our country has taken large steps in this regard in settling issues and ending conditions of congestion. Therefore, the system realizes the importance of closing such thorny files, the latest of which the pardon in favor of the two scholars al-Dailami and Muftah.