Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/958/Press Review]

June 26 2006

20 Jun 2006
Main headlines

– 2000 oil workers deprived of insurance

– NUO meets leader of the Libyan revolution

– Arbitrary punishments against employees who did not take part in Taiz demonstration in support of the president nomination

– Massive festivals by the JMP in all governorates, confirming one candidate for the JMP and demands to the president not to run for another term

– To make for its casualties in Iraq, America brings mercenaries from Philippines

– Physicians union postpones its sit-in for six weeks

– In trials of those accused of embezzlements of the Watani Bank, the court releases three of them in return for commercial guarantee

– For disclosing issues of corruption, Al-Wahdawi newspaper faces three new lawsuits

The political editor of the newspaper says the agreement of principles signed by the opposition parties and the ruling party concerning the presidential and local elections is considered a great national gain especially after matters have reached a deadline where the logical and reasonable solution was about to be impossible.

The importance of this agreement and its implications and dimensions gives more depth to the national political experiment in that of its ability to tackling and coming out of problems and dilemmas it is facing. If his agreement does not rise to the level of the required partnership that has been imbalanced by the ruling party's single-handed dealing with the stage of registration and neglecting the opposition, serious dialogue is the other aspect of democracy and achieves the required partnership that preserves the national unity and musters the forces behind all the achievements and all right future ambitions and choices.

The agreement of principles regardless of its humbleness has given some cures within the frame of one issue, which is an electoral, among other issues included in the JMP initiative for the comprehensive political and national reform. It has taken the ruling party from the impasse of violation of the democracy and single domination over the stage of registration.

On the other hand the agreement achieved for the opposition two important gains: first the tackling of the situation of the supreme commission of elections, a matter offers more chances of participation and impartiality to the electoral democratic process. The second is that it has dropped the external advices that led the elections commission to be partner in sharing members of field electoral committees and that would abolish legitimacy of the commission. The elections commission cannot represent a political side because it is not a political force but rather a case of assignment to carry out a national task at a certain period.