Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/960/Press Review]

July 3 2006

27 Jun 2006
Main headlines

– NUO central committee approves participation in the upcoming elections

– Two persons killed and four other wounded in armed confrontations in Bani Hushaish

– Imprisonment to two officers condemned of kidnapping, torturing and raping of a child, Citizens storm Yafie security administration

– Despite apology of the foreign minister, the American ambassador to Yemen criticizes the president's speech

– Al-Hamdi: Presidential elections, an opportunity to effect change in the Yemeni reality

– Massive festivals by the JMP demanding for reform and free elections

– Criticized violation of the principles agreement by the ruling party, The NUO assistant secretary general Asim: retraction of the president an expected drama

– Al-Mouayad demands ending his 3000-hour suffering

– Symposium on Yemen accession to the WTO

– General Assembly of Yemen International Bank approves raising the Bank's capital

On the president's retraction from his decision of not running for presidential elections for a second term, writer Muamar Mohammed al-Batoul says the Arab rulers are among rulers who stay the longest period in power. It has become a habit practiced by majority of Arab presidents, except in very rare instances. The Arab citizen is not accustomed to see on the ground a democratic practice, peaceful transfer of power without any problems except in the example of Lebanon. Many of Arab presidents managed to score records in the length of their stay in power.

The president's decision of not nominating himself for another term was a surprise to many Arab leaders and the Arab peoples too. It was considered a good initiative and conclusion had he clung to that historic and national decision and he would have been the first Arab president to do something like that. I think the president had had a full conviction in not nominating himself for another term but it seems there are some centers of power that do not prefer this matter. These powers are beneficiary from of his stay in governance and keeping the situation as it is. These forces consider the president's departure from his post a departure and loss of their interests and power.