Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/964/Press Review]

July 17 2006

11 Jul 2006.
Main headlines

– After submitting application to presidency nomination to the parliament, Bin Shamlan: Nothing can be achieved without political reform

– Seemed to be annoyed about the opposition candidate, The president assails the JMP

– Six sailors die in a Panamanian ship sinking offshore Socorro island

– One killed, four wounded in tribal clashes in Amran

– Libya finances building of a power station in Yemen

– Information ministry withdraws Ath-Thawra daily from newsstands, Conflicts behind repeated changes inside GPC press

– Al-Dhaliee denounces violation of principles agreement, Qahtan threatens by sit-in

– A sheikh storms Al-Salam Hospital in Saada

– Addition of two members to elections supreme commission, Dr Dahhan: We hope activation of the spirit of law and constitution

– Indications on continuation of escalated Zionist aggression on the Palestinians

– Among them 5 Saudis, State security court acquits persons accused of forming a terrorist gang

Writer Muamar Mohammed Al-Batoul says in an article that the government in world countries pursues policies and follows plans for taking care of the citizen and working for improving their conditions and reforming their conditions. For that end the government employs all its capabilities to serve its society and seriously and sincerely works to provide dignified life for all members of the society without discrimination. The topmost injustice and tyranny is when a government is controlled by a small group of people owning destinies of the people, tampering with riches of that people and its life becomes at the top of luxury and wealth while the majority of the people lives in a tragic condition of life.

The program of impoverishment that our government is carrying out has become something no longer to keep silent against it especially in the situations that are going from bad to worse. International reports point out that 80% of the population lives under the line of poverty and continued increase in the rate of unemployment as well as deterioration in all walks of life.

It is regrettable that our country which is rich with its natural wealth and its people live this kind of tragic life. It is also regrettable that the wealth and its revenues go to accounts of a small group of persons at a time poverty grinds the rest of the people. And it is so strange that the government becomes a collector to an extent that it has become a burden on its citizens. Chaos is taking root and order is absent and injustice has become the rule and justice an exception.

This government and its officials have become concerned only in gaining the bigger share of the country's riches as well s its revenues and loans and assistance. The citizen did not practically benefit from all that. The situation is now in dire need of real change.

It is unbelievable that this government, and the successive governments before, wants to reform the situation. All indications show the extent of corruption of this government and its institutions have and it is not possible to believe the lies and delusion practiced by the government media. This situation and the tragedy are clearly seen by all and that should be put in our minds all the time.

All of us have to wring out our rights by all means without fear and we have to understand that freedom and dignified life are not easy to gain and are not given as a gift.