Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/966/Press Review]

July 24 2006

18 Jul 2006
Main headlines

– Nasserite Organization calls for opening military fronts to ease pressure on the resistance

– A family in Najd behind the nation's disasters

– 15 killed or wounded, Fierce battle between two tribes in Amran and Al-Jawf

– Demanded the expulsion of the American ambassador, Al-Atwani: The adventurers are the ones making the nation's dignity

– Hundreds of missiles launched by Hezbollah on the Zionist entity

– Elections Commission steps up stances towards a crisis with the JMP,

– The National Conference condemns the Zionist aggression and calls for supporting the resistance

– On charge of facilitating the escape of al-Qaeda elements, A military court decides imprisonment of 12 officers from the Political Security

– JMP condemns the aggression on Lebanon and Palestine

Writer Abdulkarim Qassem al-Sharaabi says in an article the events have disclosed the great efforts that have been exerted by our rulers in making our Arab homeland a place where the enemies move easily and rendering our capitals into military bases for the forces of colonization and invaders. The rulers palaces changed to information centers for the official spokesman of the Zionist and American forces.

No doubt, this dark image would not have been like that but because of those efforts and absolute sincerity to the colonialist circles by the submissive Arab regimes. Those regimes have panted after the so-called projects and agreements of peace to concede the rights and sign agreements selling the Arab land, sea and space. Among the most prominent landmarks that proceeded the latest events that unmasked those regimes are:

– selling the cause and squandering the Arab Palestinian land in return for recognition of establishment of a deficient Palestinian authority on 22% of the area of Palestine and the Zionist enemy uses 50% of it to build its security zone,

– conspiring and taking part with the colonialist forces in hitting Iraq, killing its people and destroying the gigantic Arab civilization built on its land and the shameful stand towards what is happening on its land nowadays,

– the stand towards the Palestinian uprising and the brutal aggression on Palestine's helpless youth, women and children and destruction of their houses and farmlands,

– the latest of such shameful events and realities is what is happening now of occupation and aggression with the latest military arsenal on apiece of land the enemy has admitted it a land of a disarmed Palestinian state. The bigger tragedy that I expected to make the Arab regimes feel some kind of shame is attack on government buildings, the legislative council and the arrest of a number of parliament members and ministers of state.