Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/968/Press Review]

August 31 2006

25 Jul 2006.
Main headlines

– Parliament and Shoura members recommend five candidates for the presidential elections in Yemen

– New confrontations in Amran

– Demonstrations chant slogans for the resistance, Al-Atwani: Rulers' stands are with the aggression and liquidation of the resistance

– Son of the sheikh of Qayfa tribes arrested in downtown of the capital

– New prosecution of “Al-Wahdawi” next month

– Gunmen abduct a child in Ibb

– An Arab ruler expresses solidarity with the Zionist entity

Dr Ali a-Faqieh writes an article discussing the deformed version of democracy the United States, under the neoconservatives, is trying to impose on peoples. In the name of democracy the US administration has destroyed cities and villages and its lethal missiles pounded Iraq and Afghanistan, and now it is supporting the Zionist entity in its aggression on Palestine and Lebanon and the committing of crimes worse that those of Nazis in the second world war.

Te war of occupying Iraq was the practical course of wiping out the memory of the peoples and implications of the principles of wars that have taken place and happening at present are to consolidate the new world order led by the United States. It is the expression of interests of American gigantic companies that are the actual steering force of the American decision-making center. Many of the American politicians are advisors to or partners of the huge companies and this refutes all justifications of the war propagated by the United States administration.

Because of those companies control over the American administration, they have imposed on it to draw up plans and provide suitable climates for their investments and achievement of their interests.

The American administration has not been bewildered about the suitable place for the realization of those interests and thus the Arab region has been selected as the goal and place for the implementation of the new colonialist agenda.

The present Zionist aggression on Lebanon is just one chapter of the American agenda and the Arabs have to remember that fully. The teal and actual enemy is the United States and Israel comes next.