Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/970/Press Review]

August 7 2006

1 Aug 2006.

Main headlines

– NUO secretary general: Destiny of the Arab system suspended in autumn winds

– Tribal and family criteria hit candidates of the ruling party for local elections

– With American demand from Cairo and Riyadh, pressures put on Damascus to stop supporting Hezbollah

– Six killed and wounded in water disputes

– JMP pays a visit to the Lebanese embassy in Sana'a

The political editor of the newspaper says it is true that Hezbollah is the only active power in Lebanon. This is a reality founded by the necessity of resisting the Zionist aggression and occupation of the Lebanese territories. It untrue to say that Hezbollah has violated the legitimacy or the central authority. This is because the Lebanese factions have been at loggerhead among themselves and ,missed for themselves and their homeland the opportunity of establishing a national unity government, building a central authority and an army expressing it an d defending Lebanon and protecting it against faction conflict and the American and Zionist conspiratorial and military aggressiveness. In a situation like this that toppled the unity of Lebanon and hit the constituents of its power, Hezbollah did not violate anything but rather managed along all this period of conflict to make up for inability and build a defense for the land and people of Lebanon and it is unjust to accuse Hezbollah of causing this aggression as a result the operation of kidnapping.

How come such a viewpoint see today's aggression on Lebanon and did not see the aggression on the /Arab nation going on for more than half a century? That aggression that extended to Arab territories in the Syrian Golan Heights and the Egyptian Sinai and he attempt of the colonization of Shaba Farms? Does not that mean that the long history of aggression is still there and the Zionist war on the Arab nation is continuous? The aggression and destruction and killing committed against Lebanon nowadays are just part of this war and an extension of it. The operation of Hezbollah is no more than moving the conspiracy and exposing the hostile plots. It is a warning for the Arab nation about the dangers threatening its existence.

Hezbollah has pushed the Zionist enemy in confusion and dilemma that revealed its inability and cowardice and proved the possibility of hitting its military strategy and more possibility of destroying its psychology. This is the message of Hezbollah to its Arab nation.