Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/972/Press Review]

August 14 2006

8 Aug. 2006.
Main headlines

– Ghost of failure overshadows leaders of the General People's Congress

– Open option open before the JMP after the ruling party back down from implementing the agreement of principles

– Bin Shamlan platform, a package of treatments to torpedo despotism and corruption

– A decayed dead body discovered in Baniushaish

– Campaign of accusations against teachers demands, Tuesday to witness physicians and pharmacists sit-in

– Army helicopter crashed north of Sana'a

The political editor of the newspaper writes that in the early days of the Zionist aggression on Lebanon and after the meting of Arab foreign affairs in Cairo the Arab League secretary general Amr Mousa announced the death of peace process demanding the return of the Palestinian issue to the United Nations again. The strange thing is not the death of the peace process because that is expected by all the world and not our Arab region alone and that is because the Americans would not solve anything and the Zionists would not commit themselves to a thing they don't believe in. the strange thing is that the announcement did not receive any response from the Americans or the Zionists. The reason is also clear because the Arab rulers when they accepted to enter the process of peace, they did it after they conceded and squandered a group of options and stands of the nation's resistance of the Zionist aggression and occupation. That package of options made those rulers obliged to make peace their strategic choice instead of the option of resistance. The peace option also made them committed to end the boycotting, recognizing the Zionist enemy, establishing diplomatic relations with the enemy and attending activities where the enemy takes part such as the world economic conference held in Jordan. Now when they wanted to come out of it by announcing its death in the person of the Arab League secretary general, that announcement did not include the retrieving of the package of choices and stands regarding resistance by the nation to this aggression and those supporting it or standing behind it this means we have entered with losses and came out with losses , it is the Arab nation does not exist and its rulers can squander its rights and abandon them for the interest of its enemies for free and to keep its rights and issues suspended without any solution either through peace or war because America and the Zionist gang want it that way.