Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/974/Press Review]

August 21 2006

15 Aug. 2006
Main headlines

– Under leadership of Prince Talal al-Rashid, and in the wake of the regime's stand towards the Lebanese resistance, Saudi opposition front declared

– Zionist state's warship attempted to sail across Bab El- Mandab Strait

– More than YR 5 trillion allocated for e third five-year plan

– Arab regimes tied themselves to the Zionist and American wheel

– Zionists: There is no army in the world capable of disarming Hezbollah

– The ruling party manipulation in the local councils and resignations from the GPC

– Physicians and pharmacists stage sit-in

The political editor of the newspaper writes an article saying that Hezbollah has won the war and the Zionists won the international resolution under influence and pressures of the United States of America regarding all that is related to the Arabs issues. The Zionists won the international resolution because it maintained motives of the war existent, and they are the ones who ignite it and always its aggressor party. The world has seen how he Zionists used a commandoes operation carried out by Hezbollah to be an all out war. When the international resolution neglected the Farms of Shibaa and left the area under the Zionist occupation it has kept the motive number one of the war and the strongest justification for continuation and legitimacy of the resistance. When the resolution intentionally pointed to handing over the two Zionist soldiers and overlooked what is relate to the Lebanese prisoners, it has founded the second justification of the war because it is unexpected the handing over of the two soldiers without an exchange of prisoners. This may cause failure in implementation of the resolution. In its reference to disarming the Lebanese militia, the resolution has surely meant Hezbollah. This is a question not possible s long as the Zionist aggression and occupation of Shibaa Farms remain even though the Zionist troops withdraw from the Lebanese territories on which it was present lately .moreover the issue of Hezbollah and its arms is a Lebanese internal affair and would not be dealt with international resolutions this has kept a third motive of war, maybe with the Zionist entity if it tried to interfere in this issue.