Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/976/Press Review]

August 28 2006

22 Aug. 2006
Main headlines

– “Al-Wahdawi” publishes platform of the JMP presidential candidate

– JMP embarks on its election propaganda campaign in Sabeen Square

– Bin Shamlan: By changing the regime corruption stops

– GPC ministers assail those who call for change

– Exchange of fire at an electoral center in Marib, electoral differences in Shabwa

– The opposition welcomes Al-Eryany's acknowledge of the danger of terror

– Dahhan: Justifications of the elections commission unacceptable

– Training on managing electoral campaigns held at the NUO headquarters

The newspaper's political editor writes that in the Arab world there are no term ramifications of war or that after war because the war is going on as long as the Zionist gang is remaining in Palestine and the Palestinian cause is still unsettled justly in a way satisfying the Arabs of Palestine, the legitimate owners of the land. There are no ramifications as long as ambitions and policies of occupation are expanding day by day in the Arab region. The Sinai desert is occupied by forced treaties, the Golan Heights of Syria occupied by the Zionist aggression and the Lebanese Shabaa Farms region is still occupied. The rest of Lebanon is under the Zionist military besieging, especially aimed at destroying Hezbollah and assassination of its leaders. The situation also extends to the occupation of Iraq and the attempt of destroying its unity an the attempt of implementing the scheme of a new Middle East, especially if the Arab regimes continue to carry the shame of the lost peace and extend their hands to an American friendship characterized by betrayal and conspiracy against the issues and rights of he nation.

As it has been mentioned above about the terms of war ramifications, the Hezbollah rockets war that stopped at least for the time being between the Lebanese Arab resistance and the Zionists has entered a new stage of another type of war of a more dangerous kind; it is the war of conspiracies, assassinations and liquidations.