Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/982/Press Review]

September 18 2006

29 Aug.2006
Main headlines

– Large-scale masses rally behind JMP presidential candidate

– Bin Shamlan: Change begins from head of power

– International report says Yemeni forces in continual deterioration

– Workers and employees of oil block 18 start open strike

– Head of supervising committee in al-Jawf killed

– While the minister in electoral mission, members of criminal investigation in Taiz kidnap a citizen

– Traffic police in Ibb retains cars carrying photos of Bin Shamlan

– Ministry of Civil Service postpones announcement of jobs

The political editor of the newspaper says in an article it is the right of any Yemeni social organization to dream of success of the candidate that it supports for the presidency of the republic but it is the right of Yemen more to have it succeed democratically. Democracy, as much as it is hope, it is historical responsibility dealing with great affairs m the first of which is that of change withal its implications of habits and conditions leading the society to the extent of its preparedness and ability to practice moral discipline of democratic right, in the practice and in accepting the change. We think there is no democracy devoid of those two rights: the right of soundness of democratic practice and the right of accepting the political change democratically. Here Yemen will succeed twice; the first in the success of democracy and the second in having a president selected democratically.

There might be some mistakes taking place here and there due to practice but they must not represent a state of wantonness deforming and marginalizing the democratic experiment

However, when we study the history of Yemen and ability of its people to solve their problems by themselves, we will find a unified people capable of practicing their options with the highest ways and m means and in a civilized manner.