Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/989/Press Review]

October 12 2006

10 October 2006
Main headlines

– In its honoring party of its presidential candidate JMP: The great accomplishment the authority changed it to mourning

– Bin Shamlan: I won't bless GPC's candidate and let down the masses of change

– Al-Ahmar: We overstepped the red lines and supported the homeland

– Step by the president for the election of governors a response to the JMP's calls, Al-Atwani: Local authority a question of interest of all political forces

– Dr Yassin: We demand participation of the opposition in discussing selection of governors

– NUO's general secretariat assesses results of elections

– Al-Radaai warns against continuation of targeting members of the Organization, demands arrest of killers

– NUO condemns arrest of Abid and Dailami

Writer Ahmed Saeed wishes in his article that it would have been better if the president's call for starting a new chapter with the opposition in Yemen and surmounting the state of congestion and tension that accompanied the electoral campaign and the two periods of propaganda and polling has been associated with stopping security chasing of members of the JMP and coercive transfer of the JMP's activist from places of their jobs.

That step, in my view, in addition to accepting the other and not to ridicule its address, would help turn over the period of elections and before, if the GPC is serious about that and not just to invest the real meaning of tolerance, which the GPC's media continued repeating it as a propaganda work in favor of the president and attack on the opposition.

Irresponsible practices and dealing with opponents as dangerous enemies to the homeland and the GPC confirm that the force in itself is dominating over the ruling party's mentality in its dealing with the democratic event Yemen has witnessed last September. This policy is one of the characteristics of totalitarian regimes that are difficult for them to be convinced in democracy as a proper threshold of peaceful transfer of power.

Does the ruling party feel the weight of the responsibility after the election? Until this moment it does not seem it is ready to depart the tumult and chants of the victory it claims and to move to calmness and objective discussion of the homeland's and the citizen's issues. In the next period it will be difficult for the people to tolerate non-implementation of the promises included in the election platform of the GP, and its previous failure.