Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2006/998/Press Review]

November 13 2006

7 Nov.2006
Main headlines

– Explosion in a park in the capital

– Corruption and monopoly of more than one billion and half at Awqaf

– Navigation disrupted in Aden, one million dollars to rescue a stranded ship

– Al-Atwani: JMP broke fear barrier in presidential contest

– JMP &National Conference condemn the Zionist massacre

– Following the US congress, launching reconciliation initiative with Syria expected

– NUO sends condolences to the Nasserite Party in Egypt

Writer Mohammed Awadh Al-Harby says in his article that the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) participation in the elections of 2006 and its parties unanimity on nomination of a personality of the political weight of Faisal Bin Shamlan was the clearest evidence of their credibility intention of leading the country out of the state of corruption and a courageous step with which they entered the Yemeni arena and participated with uprightness and democratic awareness in word and action. They have done so despite their knowledge of the means of the other party and realization of its incredibility. Nevertheless the JMP parties entered the election battle, not out of their being the weaker or the stronger but for being the more loyal to the people who wanted to be transferred in a qualitative way to the proper democratic direction.

The JMP participation was sincere and decent in which it carried the message of change in realization of the people's desire for the necessity of change and performed its role truly and was ken on the interest of the people by avoiding sedition which war mongers were trying to ignite its fire under the name of democracy and election propaganda.

Therefore all ways of fraud and different ways of terrorization and intimidation were used let alone the violations practiced by the ruling party during that time. The ruling party also employed all the state property to serve it and also resorted to defamation of opposition reputation and belittling of their patriotism. By all those means it intended to explode the internal situation and drive the country into a dark tunnel. The opposition behaved rationally and preferred the homeland's interest and thus avoided confrontation out because it does not believe that confrontation is a means for change.