Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1020/Press Review]

January 29 2007

23 Jan. 2007.
Main headlines

– Shadow government to encounter the ruling party hegemony

– Military units demolish houses on heads of their inhabitants

– Shovels demolish citizens' houses in Hudeida and a sheikh's militia storms al-Jaashin village

– The capital merchants' strike paralyses commercial life

– Influential persons behind closure of Mathbah commercial market

– Gangsters block the high way between Sana'a and Saada

– 50 thousand children smuggled to Saudi Arabia

– Al-Qaeda cell trial in Switzerland

Writer Mahmoud Sharafudin writes saying $ 280 billion the Saudi Arabia paid for arms deals for the period of 1990 to 2004with western countries mainly America, France and Britain at a high spending rate regarding the third world. Such a rate exceeding the rate of spending on armament by Iran, India or North Korea and Israel.

This state is the least in population and army and the most in armament in the region has flourished the western market of weapons, not to face Israel but to encounter the Iranian danger and before it the Iraqi and then what has been termed as terror.

It is an unprecedented armament piled in stores and with modernity the Saudi army is incapable of dealing with them and also exposed to corruption before its being used.

The strange thing is the Saudi regime's endeavor to huge spending on armament without thinking of building industrializing establishments of its own possession as many countries in the area have done with costs much less than the Saudi armament costs. Such countries are Iran, India, Pakistan and Iraq before the American occupation that which Saudi Arabia had endeavored with America and Britain with support and payment for its occupation, destroying it and pushing it to the situation it is now in. this situation in Iraq now is the making of an alliance composed of America, Britain, Israel and Saudi Arabia. In this alliance Saudi Arabia offered all forms of support and cooperation in protection of the Zionist entity and the American interests in the region and against both the Arab and Islamic nations.

The Saudi regime that is bragging through its media empire of its big role in serving the issues and rights of the Arab nation has helped in the destruction entirely of an Arab state that was a shield for the nation and that all in service of the Zionist and American plans. This regime tampers with properties of the Saudi people but recovers recession of the market of western arms companies.

It dories that under illusions of the western frightening of the unknown future.

One would now wonder who would be the next prey of the Saudi regime and its American masters after Iraq.