Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1022/Press Review]

February 5 2007

30 Jan. 2007
Main headlines

– On conclusion of its 4th ordinary session meetings, the central committee of the Nasserite Organization calls on the ruling party to respect its elections promises and denounces price rises

– The British parliament complains of Yemen' corruption

– A fourth war between the army and followers of al-Houthi in Saada

– The Joint Meeting Parties affirm failure of the ruling partying running the country

– Military troops surround people houses in Taiz

– Al-Jahaashin sheikh forces villagers to leave their village

– A government report discloses a tragic reality of childhood

Writer Ahmed Saeed mentions in his article that no one denies that the country s moving in a field of social, economic and political mines. The coming days under the full control of the ruling party over the country do not herald many hopes and the election promises that guarantee stability have not been met and thus became a burden.

Presently the authority is not controlling the situation and the future could witness more chaos, according to international reports. Economic instability and not controlling the market movement have crushed the majority of the poor people and also the social situation is aggravating predicting great tragedies/

It is established reality that the ruling party has become unable to possess the will to carry out reformatory steps in economy and development includes in its presidential elections platform.

This dark image the ruling party has drawn up for the homeland after its sweeping victory in presidential and local elections is revealing day after day as it is moving in the opposite direction of the promises it had made. it is clear that heat of the social and economic issues are worrying the ruling party and therefore it seems it has taken the initiative to remove disconnection with the opposition that passed the period of two years and a half for its participation in drawing up the future of the homeland through political dialogue, and this is in favor of the party.

The call for dialogue with the opposition and (the Joint Meeting Parties) is a positive matter. The governance system (government and opposition) is concerned with participating in elimination of blocks standing in the way of stability and development of the homeland and to shape its future features. We hope that the circumstances of General People's Congress' leadership have ripened and realized the importance of dialogue and became serious in its calls for dialogue especially that since the ruling party has announced the call for dialogue it did not define the issues to be dialogued and invitations have not yet sent to leaderships of the opposition.

The bitter lessons of dialogue in the past should be benefited from. The dialogue used to change into a comedy and the people were the only victim of that.