Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1028/Press Review]

February 26 2007

2 Feb.2007
Min headlines

– Referred to victims of over use of force and possible executions outside judiciary, Amnesty International warns against danger of violations of human rights in Saafa

– Unsightly crime in the middle of the capital, A gang murders a young man and starts to kill the father

– Randomness in implementation of the president's platform

– Militias shell with mortars houses of the deported from Jaashin

– The NUO criticized ruling out students unions from agreement of principles

– launches campaign against the national personality Bin Shamlan

– Unionist escalation at universities against the g0vernment

– Al-Mahthari, editor in chief of Al-Diyar independent weekly, sentenced to one year imprisonment in absentia

Writer Jamil al-Masaadi write in his article because of continuation of the fourth war on Saada and its people and shedding the blood of those from both sides, the soldiers of the country deceiv4ed by the authority and those followers of al-Houthi, the victims of the culture of weapons and despotism of the rule I will relate a story related after the death of Stalin in the last century and wars the only cure against the bloody characteristic of Stalin and his addiction on seeing blood shed every now and then.

Many Russian politicians resorted after the end of the World War and beginning of the cold war to cut off heads of Russian chicken and leave them shake to death between the feet of Stalin or for sparing the lives of advocates of secessionism from the communist regime. At the same time it as meant to satisfy his desire for blood and the sound of his laughter would not stop but with order of slaughtering more chickens as a compromise solution for killing people. I think the idea of slaughtering chickens heads to spare he lives of those opponents to the Russian regime was a clever solution satisfying the desire of all.

The first war of Saada erupted on 20 June 2004 and now and now it has broken out again and many have intervened without avail except to postpone it for another time. Thwart claimed hundreds of lives.

Here I am contributing to solve the ongoing war in Saada for the sake of the Yemeni human. And I suggest to do the same as the entourage of Stalin did by bringing the Yemeni chicken and slaughter them in front of the republican palace as a sacrifice of our brothers the soldiers and the sons of Saada.