Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1032/Press Review]

March 12 2007

March 6
Main Headlines

– Fierce confrontations between the army and Al-Houthi rebels in Bani Muadh, 11 people including 5 troops die in the fighting

– NUPO Secretary-General holds authorities accountable for kidnapping Al-Wahdawi editor and raiding the newspaper's office

– Ibb governor prevents the Parliamentary Fact-Finding Committee from visiting Al-Ja'ashen where a tyrannous sheikh oppresses citizens.

– Yemeni Specialist Party Secretary-General appointed Chairman of the Joint Meeting Parties' Higher Council

– Teaching staff files a lawsuit against Sana'a University Rector

– Two Sanhan tribesmen killed in Sana'a armed confrontations

– Swiss Federal Court clears Yemenis of Riyadh bombing charges

The newspaper reported that the Swiss Federal Court acquitted last week eight Yemeni nationals, an Iraqi and a Somali from Riyadh bombing charges. The ten people were arrested in January 2004 on suspicion of belonging to Al-Qaeda Network and supporting the terrorist operations in the Saudi capital city of Riyadh.

The paper added that media sources denied that the Swiss court ordered compensating the suspects with a sum of 60 – 90 thousand French Franc, but the Swiss Attorney-General Claud Nikati opposed to the verdict and vowed to appeal against it.

The media sources pointed out that the Swiss Attorney-General relied on the evidence of witnesses, who are policemen in the federal court, while accusing the ten Arab nationals of terrorist acts.