Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1034/Press Review]

March 19 2007

March 13
Main Headlines

– At a Sana'a meeting, Hamas leader calls for lifting siege on Palestinian people

– Health sector workers go on protest until government meets their demands

– Yemen invites international committee to assess damages of American oil company

– Sons of military leader open fire randomly after being prevented from courting schoolgirls

– Authorities open centers for recruiting tribesmen to fight in Sa'ada

The NUPO-affiliated weekly reported that the Yemeni government opened centers for receiving citizens to recruit them and help them join the army in the Sa'ada fighting. According to the newspaper, local sources mentioned that hundreds of people from Al-Esaimat and Al-Ahnoum tribes in Amran governorate have rushed last week to the four centers in order for the government to recruit them to fight against Al-Houthi-led rebellion in the northern governorate of Sa'ada.

The same sources added that four centers have been opened in the districts of Khamer, Hauth, Kharef and Harf Sefyan, and since then they have been receiving tribesmen having the will and determination to join the army in fighting the Shiite rebellion. The authorities give the new recruits different arm pieces in return for guarantees they provided the recruitment centers with.