Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1036/Press Review]

March 26 2007

March 20

Main Headlines

– After the killing of a tribal leader and his guards in armed confrontations, locals flee to Saudi border

– More than YR 8 million wasted in Al-Barh Cement Factory

– Students' activities boosted in Aden University and its branches

– Central Organization for Control and Audit released a report revealing money embezzlement in a health facility

– Two killed, another injured in Dhamar tribal conflicts

– Authorities escalate war against journalism

The weekly reported that its chief editor Ali Al-Saqqaf stood trial on Sunday at the Capital's Appeal Court while the paper's managing editor Ahmad Sa'eed along with Muadh Al-Maqtari, and other reporters, represented the UUPO-affiliated weekly before the Press and Publications Prosecution. Al-Saqqaf is tried over an article published by the newspaper about disputes between citizens in Al-Sadda district, Ibb governorate.

The other two staff members stood trial over a publication lawsuit filed by the commander of the Republican Guards Camp in Al-Orkoub, who accused the weekly newspaper of insulting the most important national institutions including some military units. The newspaper's articles, which disclosed the kidnapping and killing of citizens by a 15-member group, fuelled tension and rage of some government parities and officials. Also, Al-Wahdawi weekly is facing another 14 lawsuits in different courts, and such conducts, according to the newspaper's reporters, are aimed at intimidating journalists and restricting press freedom.