Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1048/Press Review]

May 7 2007

Tuesday, May 2
Main Headlines

– National Conference holds session in Bahraini capital

– National Unity 17th Anniversary celebration participants strike from training

– Joint Meeting Parties' leadership award labor leaders on the occasion of the International Labor Day

– Joint Meeting Parties warn of labelling Sa'ada clashes as sectarian wars

– Amran locals accuse central prison administration of escaping a murderer

– Sa'ada clashes escalate, organizations warn of human catastrophe

The NPUO-affiliated paper quoted Sa'ada local sources as saying that fierce clashes between the army, backed by armed tribesmen and Al-Houthi loyalists took place over the past few days in Majzar district, to the north of the restive province. According to the sources, the military and security troops are surrounding Majzar district from three directions while followers of leader of the rebellion Abdulmalik Al-Houthi are dominating the fourth direction of the district. The clashes led to closing all the outlets of the district, thereby preventing locals from leaving and coming to the district.

The local sources explained that the popular army, which is composed of tribesmen, who are loyal with the government, stormed many houses and trade stores in the district, and looted citizens' property. Up until now, there has been no reports of the casualties, but the sources indicate that hundreds were killed or injured on both sides. The sources added they discovered corpses thrown in the ground in different places in Dhehian district.