Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1050/Press Review]

May 14 2007

Wahdawi Weekly, Organ of the Nasserite Unionist Popular Organization (NUPO)

Tuesday, May 8

Main Headlines

– Somali pirates detain as many as 180 Yemeni fishermen

– Saudi Arabia stood behind the assassination of Yemen's former President Ibrahim Al-Hamdi, NUPO Chairman says

– NUPO General Secretariat condoles family of the deceased MP

– Joint Meeting Parties hold authorities accountable for assaults against journalists

– Report reveals financial violations in Amran governorate's tenders

– 40 people killed in Sa'ada fighting, attacks on aid caravan condemned

The International Committee of the Red Cross condemned the assaults against its human aid caravan in Al Al-Saifi area in the restive Yemeni governorate of Sa'ada, the NUPO-affiliated weekly reported. It quoted the Geneva-based committee as saying the caravan was composed of 15 trucks loaded with foodstuffs to some 560 displaced families in Baqem district. The committee pointed out that at the time of the attack, the caravan was including a delegate from the ICRC and 40 volunteers from the YRCO. Two of the volunteers were injured, but were transferred to a Sa'ada hospital to receive treatment.

The ICRC hasn't got any information about the cause of the assault and its mission in Yemen is investigating the motives of the incident. “Such an assault exposes the humanitarian work to risk. The committee condemns all the attacks that target civilians and aid workers,” ICRC commented in a statement. According to the International Humanitarian Law, all the aid and relief workers have to be respected and protected, and all the required measures must be taken to ensure safety and liberty of their movements. The weekly newspaper reported that nearly 40 thousand citizens have evicted their homes due to the fighting, which is considered as an extension of the two previous wars waged by Shiite rebels against the regime.