Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1052/Press Review]

May 21 2007

Tuesday, May 15
Main Headlines

– Joint Meeting Parties congratulate Sheikh Al-Ahmar for his recovery

– Numerous attacks and arbitrary practices ahead of the National Unity 17th Anniversary

– NUPO Secretary-General at Hamas Festival: An Arab conspiracy to lift siege on Zionists

– Political Security Organization releases a terror suspect

– Capital East Court convicts owner of Al-Dastour weekly for defaming female journalist

– In charge of collaborating with a journalist, Security authorities arrest a nutrition office at a Taiz hospital

– Fierce Sa'ada clashes leave 60 people dead, other tens injured.

The fighting between the government troops, backed by loyal tribesmen and Al-Houthi followers renewed over the past two days, leaving some 60 people killed on both sides and other dozens injured, the NUPO mouthpiece reported. It quoted a Yemeni government source as saying the military and security troops restored Razeh district and controlled a government facility, which has been controlled by the Houthi-led rebels for more than one month. The source described the clashes as the fiercest ever since the fourth war erupted in January.

According to the source, what happens in the restive province of Sa'ada is an internal affair hoping that the conflicting parties reach a peaceful solution to the fighting. The newspaper stated that the Libyan Foreign Minister denied that his government has a hand in Sa'ada clashes. This confirmed the Libyan leader's statement to Aljazzeera Satellite Channel that he knows nothing about Houthis.