Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1054/Press Review]

May 28 2007

Tuesday, May 22
Main Headlines

– News say that leader of rebellion Abdulmalik Al-Houthi and top aide Abdullah Al-Rizami are available in Baqem district, Sa'ada governorate

– Joint Meeting Parties' Higher Council: dialogue is the civilized and safe method to protect people from wars and conflicts

– NPUO congratulates Yemeni people on the 14th Anniversary of the National Unity

– Saleh declares suspension of military operations in Sa'ada, express his confidence that troops will win the battle

– Sana'a University teaching staff suspend strike for two weeks as Prime Minister promised to process their demands

– A Military source: Allegations made by the terrorist Yahya Al-Houthi about chemical weapons are baseless fabrications

– Al-Dhale' governor engaged in sharp dispute with local council leaders over appointing notorious civil service official

The NUPO-affiliated weekly reported it learned that Al-Dhale' Governor Abdulwahid Al-Bukhaiti is engaged in a sharp dispute with his deputy and Secretary-General of Local Councils Mohammed Ghaleb Al-Utabi over the Civil Service Ministry's appointment of Abdullah Farhan Al-Humaidi, General Manager for its office in the governorate. According to local sources in the governorate, the Local Council refused to allow Al-Humadi assume duty as General Manager of the Civil Service Office after it issued a decision withdrawing confidence from the official.

The Local Council in Al-Dhale' considered the reappointment of Al-Humaidi illegal, as well as a violation of the constitution. The Local Council Secretary-General threatened to refer the official to Public Prosecution to be investigated over job-related violations. The dispute is escalating and is warning of an unprecedented crisis between the governor and the local council, according to the newspaper.