Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1056/Press Review]

June 4 2007

Tuesday, May 29
Main Headlines

– Joint Meeting Parties suspend dialogue with ruling party over press freedom violations

– Pressmen hold sit-in at cabinet's premises in protest against concealing news websites

– Senior journalist renders resignation from Yemeni Journalists Syndicate's membership

– Jailed Nasserite leader goes on hunger strike

– Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research appoints a new cultural attache to India

– Tehran sent a delegate to Sana'a to clarify its stance toward Sa'ada fighting

Official sources confirmed on Monday that General Director of Gulf Affairs at the Iranian Foreign Ministry Jalal Farozonia arrived in Sana'a in an official visit to Yemen to explain to the Yemeni authorities his country's stance toward Sa'ada fighting between the army and Al-Houthi-led rebels, NPUO-run newspaper said. Upon his arrival, the Iranian official told media that his current visit to Yemen is aimed at enhancing ties of mutual cooperation between both countries. He described the Yemeni-Iranian relations as excellent and distinctive in various areas, clarifying that he came to Yemen for talks with his brothers in Yemen on the means of improving mutual ties in all the economic, political, security and social areas.

The Iranian official didn't indicate that his country's relations with Yemen have become tense after Sana'a accused Tehran of backing Al-Houthi-led rebellion in the northern Yemeni governorate of Sa'ada. The weekly reported that the Iranian Foreign Ministry's spokesman Mohammed Ali Husseini denounced statements by the Yemeni Interior Minister accusing the Islamic Republic of having connections with Sa'ada war. “Such statements are incorrect, baseless and contradict the reality of ties between both Islamic countries,” Husseini noted.