Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1058/Press Review]

June 11 2007

Tuesday, June 5
Main Headlines

– publishes a senior journalist's paper on Sa'ada confrontations

– Higher Council of Joint Meeting Parties meets European Union Mission

– Al-Dhale' locals protest soldiers' repeated attacks against citizens

– JMP enthusiastic to form a national committee to resolve Sa'ada fighting

– Presidential pledges turn into big fools, as government agree with tradesman to worsen citizen's living standards

– Iran hasn't taken any decision regarding visit of Advisor to Islamic Revolution Leader to Yemen

– Al-Wahdawi weekly stands trial for being sued by Republican guards over criticism

– Senior journalist attributes Sa'ada clashes to oppression and injustice, warns the war may turn into a nationwide catastrophe

The weekly reported that the senior Yemeni journalist Abdulbari Taher, who was once President of Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, attributed the escalating Sa'ada fighting to failure of 26 Revolution to reach its sought goals, plus the spread of corruption, injustice and oppression. In the paper presented during inaugurating a campaign entitled “Together Against Sa'ada Fighting”, Taher said that Sa'ada is deprived of all the basic services and the governorate has only one hospital, which was built at the expense of Saudi Arabia. He commented, “Instead of establishing service projects in the remote governorate, the authorities mobilized tanks and mortars to Sa'ada.”

Condemning rebellion, Taher confirmed that war is always the result of the spread of oppression and injustice, warning that Sa'ada crisis may grow into a nationwide catastrophe. According to the senior journalist, the crisis can be only resolved by a comprehensive dialogue. Under the slogan “Together Against the Sa'ada Fighting”, a popular campaign was launched in Sana'a as part of a series of efforts to end the bloody clashes between the government troops and Al-Houthi supporters.