Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1060/Press Review]

June 18 2007

Tuesday, June 12
Main Headlines

– Son of Prime Minister's brother

murdered in mysterious


– Al-Dhale' arms depots explode just

few days after Nuqum Mountain

armory's explosion in Sana'a

– Al-Dhale' locals stream into streets

protesting and oppression human

rights abuses, denouncing wrong


– NUPO leader asks government

about the role it played for

Guantanamo detainees' homecoming

– Opposition parties call for ending

Sa'ada fighting, insist on dialogue

as a means to resolve crisis

– Joint Meeting Parties condemn

price hikes, violations of rights and


The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) renewed their call for immediately ceasing fighting between the army and Al-Houthi supporters in the restive governorate of Sa'ada, the weekly reported on its front page. It added that the opposition parties criticized the government for being unable to control price hikes but commits flagrant violations against press freedom. The JMP insisted on activating the peaceful means and solutions to put a stop to the fierce clashes that killed hundreds and injured dozens from the military troops and Al-Houthi loyalists.

The weekly newspaper said that after their last Saturday's broad meeting, JMP leaders stressed the necessity of conducting extensive dialogues on the reasons and policies behind wars and conflicts in Sa'ada. During their meeting, JMP leaders approved the mechanism, proposed by the Higher Council for Implementing JMP Initiative, which called for holding a national meeting to include representatives of political parties and organizations and human rights activists before June 28. The opposition parties attributed the deterioration of people's living standards, severe poverty, high unemployment rates and skyrocketing prices to the authorities' unwise policies.