Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1062/Press Review]

June 25 2007

Tuesday, June 19
Main Headlines

– Criminal investigation officials arrest a lady after she requested to visit a jailed relative

– Symposium discusses obstacles posed to journalists' ownership of media means

– NUPO condemns harassment of prominent party leader at Sana'a International Airport

– Government is good in creating crises, putting extra burden on citizens due to rampant corruption, says opposition leader

– Yemeni Journalists Syndicate rejects Jaradi's resignation, discusses its bylaw amendment project

– Yemeni government suggests Friday and Saturday as weekend instead of Thursday and Friday

The NUPO-run weekly quoted an official source in the Ministry of Civil Service and Job security as saying the government is forwarding a proposal to Parliament suggesting that that Friday and Saturday be the weekend instead of Thursday and Friday. According to the weekly, Al-Thawra State-run daily reported on Sunday that the government made such a proposal on the grounds that foreign embassies and international organizations working in Yemen have Saturday and Sunday off as weekend in conformity with the effective bylaws in their countries.

The weekly newspaper went on to say that the Yemeni government realized that Thursday and Friday a weekend for workers in its bylaws made foreign embassies and international organizations working in Yemen have four days as a weekend, and that there is a difficulty communicating with the concerned organizations to set a compromise weekend for workers in different sectors and organizations.