Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1064/Press Review]

July 2 2007

Tuesday, June 26
Main Headlines

– Soldier opens fire on citizens in Ibb after he returned from duty in Sa' ada

– Five oil experts killed, injured in Shabwa gunfire after company workers suspend strike

– Gunmen attack gas truck, block Sana'a-Marib highway over oil job opportunities

– Al-Harbi appointed Chairman for Joint Meeting Parties Leadership in the capital, Dailami assigned his deputy

– Dissident Houthis form new leadership to abide by the treaty reached with government

– 100-journalit campaign criticizes government policies toward Sa' ada crisis

– Joint Meeting Parties MPs refrain from voting in Anti-Corruption Authority elections

The parliamentary blocs of Joint Meeting Parties refrained from participating in electing members of the Anti-Corruption Authority, the weekly newspaper reported in a front page article. The newspaper quoted MP Mohammed Thabet Al-Asali, member of the NUPO Parliamentary Bloc as saying, “Withdrawal of JMP blocs from the election came as an objection to illegal procedures taken ahead of the vote.” He added that the JMP blocs quit the vote in order not to be perjurers in such a fraudulent process and not to be engaged in creating extra burdens on the Yemeni people.

Al-Asali clarified that the election report was returned to the Parliamentary Committee concerned with elections and referenda sometime earlier because it didn't meet all the legal requirements to be eligible for discussion. The Parliament Presidency Board started the nomination procedures without verifying the candidates' credentials. The parliament selected 11 people, out of 30 candidates, to become members of the Anti-corruption Authority. The 30 candidates, who were public personalities, judges, members in civil society organizations and woman associations, were selected by the Shura Council last March 2007.