Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1066/Press Review]

July 9 2007

Tuesday, July 3
Main Headlines

– Joint Meeting Parties condemn terrorist operations that killed innocent people in Marib's historic site

– A Shabwa local killed after he shot dead three victims and injured three others

– Houthis shift clashes into Hajja governorate while at least 50 people reportedly killed or injured

– Ibb University prevents 90 students from doing their exams for not participating in Reunification 17th Anniversary celebrations

– Interior Ministry declares Sa'ada situation still bad, safety of any visiting aid campaigns at risk

– Seven Spanish tourists killed along with two Yemeni citizens while another 8 injured in Marib blast

At least seven Spanish tourists and two Yemeni citizens have been reportedly killed and another 8 injured in a terrorist attack near the archeological Balqis Temple in the eastern governorate of Marib on Monday, the weekly reported. The newspaper quoted an official source in the Yemeni Interior Ministry as saying that “Four vehicles, which were transporting 13 tourists holding Spanish citizenships, were assaulted by a suicide car bomb. The car was driven by a terrorist.” He added the tourists were exiting from the temple at 5:30 p.m. when a vehicle-bomb explosive device detonated near the temple.

According to the same source, the Yemeni victims, who were shot dead, were driving the European tourists around the historic sites in Marib. The Interior Ministry accused Al-Qaeda Organization in Yemen of standing behind the attack. The source lashed out at those who launched such terrorist offensives, saying that the security authorities will never be lenient toward the assailants.