Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1068/Press Review]

July 16 2007

Tuesday, July 10
Main Headlines

– Reconciliation Committee extends ultimatum for Houthis to abide by the accord terms by 48 hours

– Military pensioners consider their case a human right abuse due to state's wrong policies

– Security authorities arrest members of Al-Qaeda Organization before carrying out their plot to bomb targets in Shabwa

– Taiz hospital receives twins joined at head

– Al-Sabri: Joint Meeting Parties uphold behavior of army pensioners, who are deprived of their legal and constitution rights

– Security forces release citizen while Aden conference encourages protesters to clash with policemen

– At least 3 wounded as police open fire on protesters to disperse them

The weekly paper reported that at least three people have been injured as Aden policemen opened fire on protesters, venting their anger at the government for being indifferent toward resolving the issue of army pensioners. The police fired at protesters with the aim of dispersing them, thereby wounding three citizens, who have been taken immediately to an unidentified place in Khour. They were not taken to the nearby hospital to receive treatment. According to the newspaper's correspondent, the Aden security authorities released Nasser Al-Nawba, Head of Military Pensioners Coordination Council, who was arrested during his participation in the protest.

The newspaper quoted Aden sources as saying that protesters quarreled with policemen during the demonstration with sticks and stones. The sources mentioned that hundreds of locals from different Yemeni eastern and southern governorates, including army pensioners, joined the massive protest. They accused the authorities of violating their basic rights, ensured by the Yemeni laws and international conventions.