Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1070/Press Review]

July 23 2007

Tuesday, July 17
Main Headlines

– Authorities warn oil tanks' kidnappers of using force to restore them

– Many divorced women writers launch a project to claim legal compensations and get integrated in social life

– Court sentences pilot's wife and her accomplice to death after being convicted of murder

– YJS: Referring a newspaper to an unconcerned prosecution is flagrant violation of Yemen's constitution

– At least one injured in Sa'ada gunfire as gunmen open fire on the mediation committee

– Yemen's failure to improve national economy responsible for depriving the state of WTO entry

– Militants from Yemen and Saudi Arabia join Nahr Al-Bared fighting in South Lebanon

– Authorities foil attempt to smuggle 2000 ancient scriptures at Haradh outlet

– Eritrean authorities seize 28 Yemeni fishing boats in Yemen's territorial waters

The weekly newspaper reported in a front page article that the Eritrean authorities confiscated as many as 28 fishing boats belonging to Yemeni fishermen during their fishing in Yemen's territorial waters. The newspaper quoted press sources as saying that the Yemeni Coast Guards seized an Eritrean boat while it was chasing fishing boats in Yemen's territorial waters. The boat was seized in the Yemeni Island of Akban before it was taken along with the people onboard to political security.

From time to time, Yemeni fishermen and boats have been subjected to Eritrean piracy acts that assault Yemeni boats within the borders of the country's territorial waters and violate the Yemeni fishing laws. The Yemeni fishermen repeatedly complain of looting and piracy acts, exercised by the Eritrean authorities, although they fish in the territorial waters of their country.