Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1074/Press Review]

August 6 2007

Tuesday, July 31
Main Headlines

– Unidentified gunmen storm office of Al-Share' newspaper, threaten to kill chief editor

– A new black year for press freedom in Yemen, says a report on the situation of press in the Arab world

– Authorities block website for the fourth time, press freedom abuses on the rise

– SAFHR launches a campaign to support women's political participation, organizes democratic forum

– Victims of traffic accidents in Yemen on the rise, an official report reveals

– Yemeni scholars in Morocco protest suspension of 50 classmates

– Sana'a security authorities hunt prominent politician

– Yemeni authorities arrest four Kuwaiti citizens upon their arrival at Sana'a International Airport

The weekly newspaper reported in a front page story that media sources said the Yemeni security authorities arrested four Kuwaiti nationals upon their arrival at Sana'a International Airport. It added that the Kuwaiti Watan Newspaper mentioned in its Tuesday issue that the four Kuwaiti people, whom the paper declined to reveal their names, departed Kuwait via a Gulf flight for Bahrain and stayed there for three hours before they flew to the Yemeni capital Sana'a.

According to the Kuwaiti paper, the four nationals were investigated and prevented from entering into Sana'a. They were interrogated about their suspected links with active terrorist cells in Yemen. As there are no clear reasons behind the capture of the four Kuwaiti citizens, Kuwaiti sources expect that the captives will be released within 24 hours unless new developments with regard to their case emerge.