Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1076/Press Review]

August 13 2007

Tuesday, August 7
Main Headlines

– Top Qaeda leader warns his fellowmen in Yemen of negotiating with government

– Yemeni scholars in Morocco continue their sit-in, urge President to intervene in their issue

– UN Security Council studies dropping Zindani's name from terror list

– WFRT and GTZ implement third phase of women's rights in Islam

– Yemeni people sad over death of former prime minister

– Authorities expect new clashes with army pensioners in Aden and Dhale'

– Presidential plane to carry former PM's corpse to be laid to rest in homeland

The presidential plane will carry back on Wednesday the body of the late former prime minister Faraj bin Ghanim who died Sunday at a hospital in Geneva, Switzerland, after a surgery operation failed, the newspaper said. It added that Al-Ayyam's correspondent in Geneva reported that high-ranking officials will be on the plane and that bin Ghanim will have a respectable and honorable funeral. Bin Ghanim was once a leading figure in the southern Socialist Party and was credited with the economic opening that began in the People's Democratic Republic before Reunification in May 1990.

Dr Ghanim, died at 70 years old, was an economist from Hadramaut. He was appointed as prime minister of the unified Yemen, following an overwhelming victory by the General People's Congress in the 1997 elections. His appointment was a surprise because Dr Ghanim was an independent at that time and GPC did not use to choose personalities, out of the party, for such high posts. Yemeni people in north and south welcomed his appointment and they were optimistic that bin Ghanim could correct the bad situation following the 1994 war.