Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1078/Press Review]

August 20 2007

Tuesday, August 14
Main Headlines

– Prominent NUPO leader holds government accountable for repeated crises, poor living standards

– Taiz citizens take to streets in protest against price hikes, deteriorating living standards

– Joint Meeting Parties' leadership discusses phenomenon of foodstuff skyrocketing prices, security situation in Sa'ada

– Locusts infest Sana'a while Gulf tourists increase their prices as delicious food

– Yemeni Physicians and Pharmacists Syndicate accuses government of breaking agreement, threatens to escalate protest

– Yemeni Journalists Syndicate demands Interior Ministry to take necessary measures against pressman's liquidation threats

– Government lashes out at Taiz protesters for allegedly fuelling riots

– Border guards foil attempt to smuggle consignment of weapons from Yemen into Saudi Arabia

According to the weekly newspaper, Media reports said on Monday that Saudi border guards at the Najran region on the Saudi-Yemeni border foiled an attempt to smuggle a consignment of weapons to the Kingdom. “The would-be smugglers, along with the consignment of weapons, fled back to Yemen,” the weekly paper quoted a Saudi official as saying.

The Saudi Okadh paper reported that Assistant Commander of Border Guards positioned in Najran said the consignment contains 16 missiles, 16 armored covers, five anti-tank mines and 3,000 bullets of heavy machineguns. The military official added that the rear border guards and patrols recorded the suspicious movements of unidentified individuals and found quantities of explosives and ammunition hidden beneath rocks. The official went on to say that the traffickers fled the scene toward Yemen after they were prevented from trafficking the consignment into the Saudi territory.