Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1082/Press Review]

September 3 2007

Tuesday, August 28
Main Headlines

– Unidentified men kidnap released Al-Khaiwani from the Capital City

– Press freedom activist: Yemeni state is required to stop monopoly of visual and auditory media

– Suspension of MP from work is an acceptable behavior, says JMP leader

– Joint Meeting Parties condemn arbitrary malpractices against Al-Khaiwani

– Opposition parties hold huge sit-in in Sana'a in protest against government policies

– Released journalist Al-Khaiwani narrates his ordeal at a Yemeni Journalists Syndicate conference

– Yemeni Journalists Syndicate blame authorities for being lenient toward malpractices targeting pressmen

– U.S. Embassy warns mission staff of Al- Qaeda threats

The weekly newspaper reported in a front page story that the U.S. Embassy in Yemen told its employees to avoid restaurants, shopping areas, hotels and tourist attractions in the capital, Sanaa, because of an active al-Qaeda presence.

Westerners may be targeted in Yemen and U.S. citizens in the country are urged to exercise caution and avoid crowds and demonstrations, according to a notice on the mission's Web site.

The embassy didn't say whether a specific threat prompted the warning. Calls to the embassy weren't answered. The recent U.S. Embassy warden message cautioning Americans to avoid all Sana'a restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions was quoted by this paper, as well as other official and independent newspapers.