Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1086/Press Review]

September 17 2007

Tuesday, September 11
Main Headlines

– Al-Dhale'e death toll up to 3 while the governorate turns into a military barracks

– Iraqi Ministry of Finance claims Yemen to repay government's debts

– Security Forces besiege Yemeni Socialist Party's head-office in Aden, prevent citizens from holding sit-in

– Police deployed around home of Pop Singer Fahd Al-Qarni, festival on 'Our summer is struggle' banned

– Corruption cases and suspicious deals behind disputes between Kuwait Hospital Manager and his deputy

– Joint Meeting Parties urge Parliament to discuss poor situations

– Nasserite leader insists on applying women's quota in elections

– Tragedy of Somali refugees who illegal cross into Yemen in search of better living

Tens of Somali refugees, who find themselves compelled to immigrate illegally through sea to Yemen in search of better living standards, fall victims of adventurous trafficking on risky and overloaded boats, the weekly newspaper reported. It quoted France Press reporters as saying that as many as 100 illegal Somali and Ethiopian immigrants boarded risky boats in a trip toward Yemen. They travel under a very hot sun with a temperature exceeding 45 centigrade.

It added that hunger and thirst consumes their thin bodies and vulnerable health. arah Hussein, a 31 year old immigrant from Mogadishu told France Press as he was about to aboard the boat that he had no idea of what would happen during the trip and that he has a slim hope that his living conditions may improve a little bet in Yemen.