Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1090/Press Review]

October 1 2007

Tuesday, September 25
Main Headlines

– Diplomatic crisis between Sana'a and Riyadh postpones meetings of Yemeni-Saudi Coordination Council

– JMP Higher Council holds authorities accountable for deteriorating situations, denounces address of hostility toward parties

– Joint Meeting Parties in Hajja claim protection for rights and dignities of citizens, stand in solidarity with journalists

– Opposition parties in Marib collect 100 thousand signatures claiming service and development services in their governorate

– Nasserite leader questions feasibility of marking First Anniversary of last year's presidential elections as nothing of Saleh's platform was implemented

– Armed tribal confrontations break out over murder of MP's son by unidentified people in Sana'a

– Government fails to put a stop to skyrocketing prices

– Official media in Yemen hails Egyptian court's verdict against editors

– Sana'a governorate teachers to protest delay of cashing hardship allowance

Yemen teachers and educational professions syndicates in Sana'a governorate are due to organize a sit-in on Saturday in protest against the delay of cashing hardship allowances to more than 3400 teachers, the newspaper reported in a front page article. It added that both syndicates released a statement saying the government hasn't fulfilled its pledges to pay the accumulated sums of hardship allowances accrued to teachers like it did in other governorates nationwide.

According to the statement, teachers will escalate their protests until they grow into massive strike from work in event the Ministry of Education doesn't pay them the accumulated sums of hardship allowance without any illegal deductions. Over the past time period, teachers and educational professions syndicates organized protests nationwide, thereby compelling the government to meet their demands.