Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1092/Press Review]

October 8 2007

Tuesday, October 3
Main Headlines

-NUPO Secretary General: Presidential system is merely dedication of dominance and oppression

-Hodeida Branch of Joint Meeting Parties holds ruling party accountable for failure of government policies

-MPs to Additional allocations increase inflation as they are based on lies and false analysis

-Aden Police arrest three army retirees including deputy chairman of retirees council, throw them in military prison

-Three soldiers rescued while three corpses of hurricane victims found in Tair Island

-JMP considers President's initiative as escapism from national entitlements

The weekly paper reported that the Higher Council of Joint Meeting Parties discussed on Monday the initiative, which President Ali Abdullah announced recently regarding the constitutional amendments, considering JMP as the first national party that announced its program on Nov. 26, 2005 claiming comprehensive reforms. According to the JMP program, political reforms are the real approach to national reforms. The JMP Higher Council released a statement, of which a copy was obtained by, confirming that reforming the election system is key to political reforms.

The JMP statement expressed Yemeni citizens' disappointment over Saleh's initiative, thus labeling it as escapism from current national entitlements. It stressed the necessity of addressing persisting demands of citizens in the southern governorates, fighting unemployment and rampant poverty, and putting a stop to skyrocketing prices of basic foodstuffs. JMP leaders recommended that the government takes serious actions to resolve such issues, fight corruption and punish corrupt officials.