Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1098/Press Review]

October 25 2007

Tuesday, October 23
Top Stories

– Yemen and Qatar reach cooperation agreement on higher education

– Hajja sheikhs begin open sit-in in solidarity with Nahshal

– Parliament forms special committee to investigate citizen's murder at Ibb jail

– Women Journalists Without Chains condemns arbitrary procedures preventing media from covering Radfan events

– Joint Meeting Parties call ruling party for dialogue to address issues of southern governorates

The Supreme Council of Joint Meeting Parities called the ruling party to return to the dialogue table according to the previously agreed-upon principles, warning of any conducts contravening the political agreements and conventions related with dialogue, the weekly paper reported in the lead story. In a statement, of which a copy was obtained by, JMP held the organizations, which attempt to label other opposition parties and forces as incredible, unserious and pay no attention to the persisting national problems and public demands, accountable for any negative consequences of such conducts.

According to the weekly newspaper, the JMP leadership warned the authority and the ruling General People Congress of shifting people's attention away from political and national reform programs. It insisted on the government to remain committed to amending the Election Law and reshuffling the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referenda, the term of which is due to expire this November.

The JMP renewed its attitudes toward dialogue and national responsibilities, which it declared in Ramadan, in order to overcome any challenges posed to the national development. It called the government to seriously respond to demands of people in the southern governorates and quit any impoverished decisions and procedures that help exacerbate national congestions. It also insisted on the government to stop its arbitrary procedures against peaceful protests meant for claiming legal rights, show respect for judiciary and its role in dealing with various issues, and enhance equal citizenship.