Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2007/1102/Press Review]

November 12 2007

Tuesday, November 6
Top Stories

– UN demands Arab governments to join an international convention on fighting corruption

– Police Station Chief jails a minor kid for six days without any legal justification

– A two-headed sheep leads normal life since it was born one week ago

– Islah Social Charitable Society holds Sixth Orphan Festival

– Al-Khaiwani defense team says state security court is unconstitutional

– Unidentified people bomb oil pipe in Marib

– Authorities foil terrorist plots targeting government and foreign interests in Sana'a

Media sources mentioned that counterterrorism forces succeeded to foil terrorist plots that have been targeting many government and foreign interests in the country, the weekly newspaper reported in a front page article. According to the weekly, the Saudi Daily Paper Okadh quoted Yemeni security sources as saying, “Over the past few days, the security forces raided nearby houses to the west of the capital Sana'a in a successful security operation, thereby leading to the capture of a terrorist cell, suspected of affiliation with Al-Qaeda Organization in Yemen. This cell is composed of eight people aged between 18 and 23 years.”

The sources added that the operation was conducted secretly after the security authorities obtained authentic information about the terrorist plots following an intelligence observation. They pointed out that the police found weapons and explosives ready for use, plus heavy machineguns, hand grenades and Computer CDs. The resources disclosed that results of the preliminary investigations showed that the terrorist cell has been formed recently from younger individuals, most of whom came from rural areas in search of better job opportunities in the city.