Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2008/1130/Press Review]

February 18 2008

Tuesday, February 12
Top Stories

– Anonymous officials attacks manger

– Yemen to hosts the 19th Round of Arab Nationalist Conference

– Joint Meeting Parties ask for further details on the Doha-brokered Peace Deal

– Al-Ahmar, Shaddadi and Attiya elected for Parliament Presidency Board

– Presidential committee arrives in Sa'ada, MPs summon Interior Minister to brief them on the Doha deal

– International report criticizes Yemeni authority's oppressive practices against journalists and press freedom

A recent international report criticized the Yemeni government's arbitrary practices against press freedom and repeated crackdown of journalists, the weekly reported in a front page article, adding that the report lashed out at authorities for accusing journalists of terrorism. Released by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists, the report stated that crackdown of media means in Yemen is still practiced, and the security authorities are harassing journalists and international media correspondents in streets, saying that the recent crackdown is notably more selective than before (targeting journalists known for criticizing the government and its poor policies.

Issued on Thursday, February 7th, the report discussed the situations of Yemeni journalists over the past year, disclosing that journalists have been exposed to numerous threats and harassments by anonymous security agents. It strongly denounced the invented terrorism charges the government attributes to journalists with the intention of intimidating them and forcing them quit journalism.

Three Web sites became unavailable to domestic users on January 19, joining a list of at least five others that have disappeared within Yemen without explanation in recent months. “We are troubled by the Yemeni government's recent blocking of news and opinion Web sites,” CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon said. “Such a blatant restriction on news and information shows the lengths the Yemeni government is willing to go to stifle independent and dissident news. We call on authorities to restore all blocked sites immediately.”